Enter your 10 digit PNR number above to check your current PNR status. The PNR number is mentioned on your e-ticket or i-ticket. Enter your PNR number without hyphens (-) in the above field and click "Get PNR Status".

What is PNR Status?

Indian Railways assigns a PNR number to all the passengers who have booked a ticket on a window or via IR-CRS (Computer Reservation System). PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. The PNR number assigned can be of an individual passenger or a group of passengers. PNR number assigned by Indian railways are a unique ten digit number in length. All the PNR number details are stored in a centralized reservation system which is a relational database. PNR number is also known as reference number which comes printed on your e-ticket or i-ticket. PNR number are assigned on a first come first serve basis as there are a limited number of seats in every train. PNR status gives you an idea of whether your seat is confirmed or is in waiting list (W/L). Train booking status like waiting list and RAC changes when someone cancels their reservation seats.

Where to find PNR number on ticket?

You can find the PNR number on the top left corner of your ticket that has been booked from the ticket window. The tickets booked from the ticket window are known as i-ticket. If you have booked your ticket online from IRCTC, you get a e-ticket. In e-ticket, you can find your PNR number written on the top cell.

How to check PNR status?

There are many methods through which you can check the PNR status or the reservation status. Some of the methods have been listed below:

1) PNR status enquiry through online portals

There are many website which offer to deliver PNR status or your current reservation free of cost and instantly. We have listed some of the sites below:
Check your IRCTC PNR status on this website instantly. This is a unofficial website which is doing a fair job of providing PNR status online.
The official Indian government website to check your PNR status online. The website is maintained by Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).
IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. IRCTC has the official authority by the Indian railways to book tickets online. You need to have login details in order to check PNR status on IRCTC. Once logged in, go to "Booked Ticket History". A list of booked tickets will appear. Select your e-ticket and click on "Get PNR Status" button.  

2) Check PNR status through SMS

Indian Railways has launched services through which you can check your PNR status through SMS. Almost half of the passengers have no access to internet due to which they can't check their PNR status online. Passengers having mobile phone with no internet connection can check their reservation status vis SMS. Some of the methods have been mentioned below:

139 SMS Service

ITCTC has provided passengers the facility to check IRCTC PNR number via 139 number. The passenger needs to send a SMS on 139 number to check their reservation status.

Steps to get PNR Status via 139 SMS service:
PNR (PNR Number)
For Ex. PNR 1234567890
and send it to 139

This facility is available on all major telecom operators including Jio, MTNL, LOOP, Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, MTS, TATA, BSNL, Telenor, Uninor, Aircel.

5676747 SMS Service

This number has been started by a unofficial website railZone to check the reservation status.

Steps to get PNR Status via 5676747 SMS service:
PNR (PNR Number)
For Ex. PNR 1354980123
and send it to 5676747  

3) Android / iOS Mobile Apps to check PNR Status

Many Android apps and iOS applications are available online to check PNR status. Some of them are official and are maintained by the Indian Government and some are unofficial apps which are maintained by third party companies which use API provided by the Indian Railways to check the PNR reservation status.

4) Enquiry counters at Railway stations

Enquiry counters have been set up at every railway station. You can enquire PNR status at the enquiry counters.

5) Final Reservation charts

The final reservation charts are prepared two to three hours before the train departs. The charts prepared are pasted on railway station notice boards.

Types of Indian Railway Tickets


Tickets that have been booked at the railway station ticket counter are called i-tickets. There is also an option to book i-tickets on IRCTC portal. The i-ticket will get delivered to your doorstep via post.


Tickets that have been booked online or through the IRCTC portal are known as e-tickets. Tickets are generated online and the passenger can get a printout of the ticket and present it to the TTE. Passengers also get a SMS of reservation details along with train number, train name, PNR number, Departure time, etc. This SMS can also be shown to the TTE and no need to take printout of e-ticket.

Types of Indian Railway Trains

Indian Railways run a wide range of trains some of which are regular trains and some are seasonal trains. Some of those trains are Suburban Trains, Metro trains, Passenger trains, Suburban locals, Shatabdi Express trains, Janshatabdi express Trains, Express trains, super fast express trains, rajdhani trains, durunto express and garib rath.

Indian Railways Abbreviations and Acronyms

Term Full Form
DF Defence Quota
GN General Quota
SS Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
SL Sleeper Class
HP Physically Handicapped Quota
PNR Passenger Name Record
LD Ladies Quota
3A AC 3 Tier
CK Tatkal Quota
2A AC 2-Tier Sleeper
3 E AC 3 Tier Economy
2S Second Sitting
1A First Class AC
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL Waiting List
FC First Class
GNWL General Waiting List
CKWL Tatkal Waiting List
RLWL Remote Location Waiting List
RQWL Request Waiting List
PQWL Pooled Quota Waiting List
RLGN Remote Location General Waiting List
RSWL Roadside Station Waiting List